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Whiskey Myers Brings Another Hit With Their Latest Pre-Release

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Whiskey Myers is set to release their new album, 'Whiskey Myers', September 27th and it is one I can't wait to hear in its entirety.

If you haven't been listening to the pre-releases from this album, you need to start now. Not only do they bring rock and roll and country to the table, they do it in their own way. There is no doubt this band has a sound of their own and one you can't even compare to anyone else.

Their latest pre-release, "Bitch", is one that I was particularity anxious to hear due to the simple, yet telling title.

A song that speaks truth on what we all hear coming through the speakers of what country radio decides to play. The smoke and mirrors of country music is played on repeat across the nation and to a point you wonder if anything new and refreshing will come on.

I'm tired of the radio Same old lyrics, smoke shows You're so country we all know Tailgates and back roads Same shit, different day Ain't nothin' ever gon' change Long as you know that you are just Still just a bitch in my book

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