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Shinyribs Takes Fans on a Musical Journey with 'Fog & Bling'

Not sure what kind of music you are in the mood to listen to? Rock? Ballads? Funk? Soul? What if we told you there is a brand new album out that covers all this and more? Interested? You should be.

Shinyribs have released Fog & Bling and this ten-track album has something for everyone. While most would think having various genres on one project would lead to a disjointed record, this is quite the opposite.

The album came to fruition when front man Kevin Russell and the late George Reiff discussed taking Russell's home recordings and creating an album from them. In a press release, Russell explained the album as a, “time capsule opened in the presence of poets leading clergy to a field of wine drunk hippies parading half-nude behind a cattle drive.” It is with direct quotes like this that you know you are in for a real treat only Kevin Russell and Shinyribs can deliver.

When an album opens with the front man saying over a police radio, "We got a big ol’ country boy… says he’s a singer for a band called ‘Shinyribs,’”, you know you are in for a treat. This intro to "Sing It Right" begins the story of the band rolling into a town for a show. As the song eludes to a show, it is fitting as the lead off song to an album that feels as if you are listening to a full concert.

The supergroup then slows the tempo down for "Highway of Diamonds". The song features the band's famous harmonies from the Shiny Soul Sisters. Shinyribs bring the funk with songs "What a Man" and "Hoods of Cars". We mentioned how cohesive the album felt and the transition between "Hoods of Cars" and "Crazy Lonely" is one prime example. In "Hoods of Cars" the phrase "lonely crazy" can be heard throughout the chorus and then turns to "Crazy Lonely" which happens to be the title of the following track. The song focuses on how people interact with one another and life can be lonely, even in an era where people are over-sharing all the time.

"Good Times and Bad" has this rockabilly feel that talks about the good ole days. Discussing how things were back in the day and how they survived both the good and bad. The album ends with a jazz-inspired "Doin' It (With Ya)". The songs finds the group testifying that whatever the other person in the relationship wants to do, they are willing to do it for them, with them.

From beginning to end, much like the band, Fog & Bling is a musical event unlike any other. Each songs tells an incredible story. The variation of styles and topics keep the listeners intrigued throughout. We've included all ten track on our Spotify New Tunes playlist, found here.

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