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Shane Smith & the Saints Release 'Hail Mary: Chapter Three'

Shane Smith & the Saints are back with their third chapter of Hail Mary.

Over the past few weeks, the band has been releasing new music through chapters. The fourth, and final chapter, is set to be released on June 28th.

Hail Mary: Chapter Three, known as "The Path" contains two new songs: "We Were Something" and "We'll Never Know".

"We Were Something" highlights Shane Smith's rugged, yet vulnerable vocals over a more subdued instrumental arrangement. The song's lyrics tell the story of a broken relationship and the struggle to move on. The feeling of being unsure if it is really over, or if there is still something there.

"We'll Never Know" continues the chapter's theme of "The Path" as it expands on the topic of a relationship. The saga of a relationship ending and never knowing what could have been. The song begins softer and in a more spoken style, however, as the song builds the full band and Smith's vocals soar throughout.

In a recent interview, Smith spoke of Chapter Three: The Path. “Each chapter is broken down in a way to where it tells a story. A lot of it is more on a personal level with me and learning to be a better man and more present. It’s about relationships and everyone involved with this band. There are a lot of underlying tones of getting just getting through everything that life throws at you. That’s the case with this chapter, The Path. You can hear it in the lyrics with this one."

You can find both songs from Hail Mary: Chapter Three on our Spotify New Tunes playlist here.

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