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Shane Smith & the Saints Debut Chapter 1 of New Album

The wait for new music from Shane Smith & the Saints is over.

Fans of the Austin-based group have waited patiently for a new album. The group's last record, Geronimo, was released in 2015.

With an interesting twist, the band has chosen to debut the album in chapters. Creating additional anticipation after each chapter release.

Released today, Hail Mary - Chapter One begins with the over five minute song, "Heaven Knows". The song sets the tone for what is to come and what fans have admired from the group. Strong harmonies, Smith's raspy, yet powerful vocals, and the band provides the energy that brings "Heaven Knows" to life. The band featured around the four minute mark is exceptional. If you are looking for true talent, Shane Smith & the Saints give that to you in the very first song.

Smith follows the rock heavy "Heaven Knows" with a more bluegrass, love song titled "Whirlwind". The song finds Smith explaining how a love interest can be compared to a favorite song. What sounds like an unexpected comparison, as the song progresses, the listener understands where the band is going with the comparison and it makes perfect sense.

It's like you came to me

Just like my favorite song

Cause though I'd heard you once

Before you came along

You were short and sweet

In my heart so strong

Though the years will pass

I'll always sing along

When I hear my favorite song

The final song on Hail Mary - Chapter One is one we may be a little partial to. As proud Okies, any song titled "Oklahoma City" has to be a good one, right? Shane Smith's raw vocals on this track have the listener's attention from the first note, while the fiddle sets the tone for the entire song. Smith has often stated that Oklahoma City was the first non-Texas location where they created a fan base. He wrote the song as a tribute to those fans for being there, showing up to shows, and believing in the band.

From the three-track Hail Mary - Chapter One, there is one thing that is for certain, this group of musicians are hands down one of the most talented out there and are ready to show the world everything they have to offer. From the detailed album art cover, well-written lyrics, to intricate instrumental production, Shane Smith & the Saints have made this album well worth the wait.

Over the next couple months, Shane Smith & the Saint will be releasing the remaining chapters of this four-part series.

Chapter 1 - The Beginning - Available Now

Chapter 2 - The Fall - Available 05/31

Chapter 3 - The Path - Available 06/14

Chapter 4 - The End - Available 06/28

You can also find the first three song releases on our Spotify New Country Tunes playlist found here.

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