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Miranda Lambert Releases Edgy "Mess with My Head"

Miranda Lambert is back with another new song from her forthcoming album. Today, Lambert debuted "Mess with My Head".

While most will debate if the song is "country", we are not those people. What matters to us is the song good? And the answer for "Mess with My Head" is yes!

The edgy, rock influenced song may sound like a departure from Lambert's style. However, the lyrics are reminiscent to her earlier years of showing off her spunky personality so many of us enjoy.

In a Instagram post, Lambert spoke of the new song.

"#MessWithMyHead is a departure from anything I’ve done. It has a real rock edge. Part of it comes from my cowriters, @LukeDick & @NatalieHemby, and part of it comes from spending time in NYC. Being there has put a new energy into my music/writing. "

Within the song, Lambert sings of an unhealthy relationship and compares her mind to a hotel room and the man has the keys.

Maybe it’s wrong but it feels right to me Reveling in reverse psychology You complicate it with your lying lips I’m waiting on a kiss

I let you mess with my, mess with my head I let you mess with my, mess with my bed

You can hear "Mess with My Head" in its entirety below or on our Spotify New Tunes playlist here.

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