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Little Big Town Debuts Empowering Video for "The Daughters

Heard "The Daughters", by Little Big Town, last Friday for the first time and cried. Watch the band perform the song live at the ACM Awards this past weekend and cried. And you guessed it... just watched the new music video for "The Daughters" and cried.

This empowering song is one that so many need to hear. Young girls, women, and even men. The message of hope and changing the "expectations" set on females in today's world is brought to life with the lyrics of the song.

Girl don't be weak and don't be strong Say what you want just as long As you nod your head with your lipstick on And pose like a trophy on a shelf And dream for everyone but not yourself I've heard of God the Son and God the Father I'm just looking for a God for the daughters Wash the dishes, feed the kids and clean up all this mess Do my best, forgive myself and look good in this dress Damn I look good in this dress

The music video was beautifully created to bring these lyrics to life as we watch a young female struggle with what is expected of her and how she truly wants to live her life. You can see the powerful music video for "The Daughters" from Little Big Town below.

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