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Dalton Domino Releases Personal 'Songs From The Exile' Album

It has been said time and time again, music is therapy. For fans, that therapy comes when we hear a song on the radio that resonates with a situation we are dealing with or a lyric that sounds as if it were written for us specifically.

For artists, that same therapy comes in the form of songwriting. These songwriters open up their souls, their lives, and share those stories, good and bad, with the world. At times it can be raw, vulnerable, and hurt, but to an artist this can be the best way to cope and move forward.

One listen to Dalton Domino's, Songs From The Exile, and it is apparent Domino poured his whole self into the thirteen songs. It is as if Dalton presented his audience with his personal journal. Stories from his darkest times. Stories of broken relationships, family matters, self-destruction, and reflection of the past and the future. It is apparent Domino created this album from a place where life was taking a toll and there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

Move forward to today, the Songs From The Exile album is one of the most anticipated album releases of the year. Domino has been able to take his life experiences and turned them into life lessons and move forward in a more positive matter. While, at the time, Domino was living these songs as he wrote them, he is now hoping that they can be the therapy and motivation for others. To help those struggling with similar situations to see that there is hope there are others who have been there are ready to help.

Thank you Dalton Domino for sharing your stories and creating an album that has meaning and focuses on the messages of the songs. Standouts on the record include, "Half Blood", "Hush Puppy", "Shadowlands", and "Happy Alone". We have included the full Songs From The Exile album on our Spotify New Tunes playlist here.

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