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Lauren Duski Releases Debut EP

Season 12 runner-up of NBC's The Voice, Lauren Duski has released her debut EP.

To say fans are thrilled about the Midwestern Girl EP is quite the understatement. As this is being written, the EP is already at the number two spot on the iTunes Country Albums chart.

The five-track EP contains two songs previously released, "Costume Party" and "Heart Hurt Good". Between the two songs, they have been streamed nearly 650,000 times on Spotify.

Midwestern Girl begins with an instrumental introduction titled "Journey of a Midwestern Girl". This is followed by "Costume Party". The powerful ballad tells the story of being tired of trying to be someone you are not just to please others. Finally taking a stand and putting yourself first.

"Runnin' (To You)" is a soulful, love song about ultimately ending up with the person you are meant to be with. Duski sings of running away from love, chasing stars, but in the end she realizes she was running to her person.

"Heart Hurt Good" has a fresh and contemporary spin on the classic country love song. Those feelings of being astonished at how you can keep falling more and more in love with your person. Duski sings about how within that short timeframe (seven months and sixteen days to be exact) she is able to be completely head over heels in love and all the things that person does to make her "Heart Hurt Good".

The last track on the EP, "The Weather (Grandpa's Song)" was written about Duski's grandfather's life after the passing of his wife.

Find all five songs from Midwestern Girl on our Spotify New Country Tunes playlist here.

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