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Shari Rowe Debuts Video for "Home For Christmas (Underneath the Desert Sky)"

When you think of a Christmas song, you immediately think snow, mittens, and hot beverages. However, we forget not everyone's Christmas is like that.

In "Home For Christmas (Underneath the Desert Sky)", Shari Rowe paints the more non-traditional scene of a warmer holiday season.

The way I see it, the way out west

Has got it figured out

The only icicles around here

Hang from our gingerbread house

And if you squint from far away

The sand can pass for snow

While being a not-so-white holiday, Rowe's lyrics still portray that sentimental feeling of going home to family and friends during the holidays.

It might be a little different

But I’ll bet that you don’t know

Just what you’re missin'

We’ll be home for Christmas

Underneath the desert sky

The new music video captures the feelings of friends and family truly enjoying each other's company and the holiday season.


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