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Christina Taylor Releases New Single “Loser”

Christina Taylor is back with brand new music and it is incredible.

"Loser" is a song that I would bet money on that every single can relate to.

Have you ever been in a situation where you are in a relationship and you are super focused on pleasing them, so much so that you lose who you are? You change your look, you focus on their likes and dreams, you do want they want... sound familiar? If so, "Loser", starts off just like that. Taylor sings about losing her identity due to trying to make sure her significant other likes her. The song then becomes an empowering message of realizing that kind of relationship is not healthy and what is most important is finding yourself. Taylor gets rid of the "Loser" and realizes life is so much better and finds her true self once again.

Taylor's personality and vocals really shine on this track. It made me instantly think of tunes from Shania that were focused on girl power and not needing a man to make you happy. I am certain "Loser" will be added to your playlist after hearing it.

You can find "Loser" and all of this week's new music on our Spotify New Country Tunes playlist here.


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