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Robynn Shayne: Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights EP

Robynn Shayne released her EP Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights earlier this year, and this is one that continues to impress.

As an independent artist, Shayne proves she is a force to be reckoned with in the EP. Her infectious sound and relatable lyrics will have listeners replaying all six tracks over and over.

The opening song, "Whiskey and Bad Decisions", introduces listeners to Shayne's style. With a country sound that is reminiscent of some of country music's legendary female artists, Shayne tells the story of not making the best decisions and ending up behind bars.

"Nothin' Crazy About You, but Me" is probably the most real country love song you will hear. While most paint the story of a perfect love story, Shayne tells it like it is. Each other will have quirks and habits that may drive the other crazy, but those same quirks are what make them love each other. The song features Jordan Lee, which allows the song to have more of that couple going back and forth feel.

With the next song on the EP, Shayne goes from singing about love to finding she is in a relationship with a cheater. "Two Words One Finger" goes from saying "I do" and a wedding to a ring, to telling that no-good cheating man a little different two words and holding up a finger that isn't the one he put the ring on. This song has that style of not sugar coating the lyrics, very much reminding us of Miranda Lambert's "Kerosene"

Shayne's latest single "Hell Broke Loose" has a story line very much like Dixie Chicks' "Goodbye Earl". The story of the female done with being abused by her significant other and chooses to take matters in her own hands. While the story line may not be new, Shayne finds a way to make the song and story feel new and creates a sound that has you taking in each and every word. The featured fiddle in this one is the cherry on the cake.

"Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights" is the title track of the EP and one that was created to be on Texas/Country radio. Shyane's cleverly uses references of Jack and Joe to get her through her everyday life.

The ending track for the EP is "Movin' On". This is perhaps one of our favorites on the album. From the opening beat, your toe is tapping and you are completely understanding Shayne's point of view in the lyrics. "Movin' On" finds Shayne at that point after a breakup where she is completely over him and ready to move on. Finding herself much better off without him and a blessing that it is over.

The six-track Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights EP may only be 20 minutes, however, Shayne is able to capture every feeling and sound a full album would entail. After listening to the entire EP, it is evident Robynn Shayne has a bright future and a name country music should get real used to seeing.


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