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Runaway June Releases New Music

Runaway June does not need any man to take care of them after a breakup in their latest tune.

"Buy My Own Drinks" has the ladies declaring that after a breakup they don't have any desire to depend on a guy to help them through.

I can buy my own drinks

I can pay my own tab

and at the end of the night when they cut off all the lights

I can call my own cab

I can drop my own change in the jukebox

I can dance all by myself

so, I can stop thinkin' about, drinkin' about him

I don't need nobody else

yeah I can buy my own drinks

"Buy My Own Drink" is the perfect song to help us remember we don't need another man to help us get over the one we just broke up with.

me and myself are doin' just fine

You can find "Buy My Own Drinks" and all of this week's new music on our New Country Tunes Spotify playlist.

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