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Podcasts That I Am Loving

There are so many podcasts out there these days. You can find any topic you are interested in. I am loving podcasts and learn so much from them and also get super motivated.

Here are just a few of my favorites that I feel like you will enjoy as well.

get real! with Caroline Hobby has to be one of my favorite podcasts. Caroline keeps it real and uplifting. Her influencer series was some of my favorite episodes. A whole series of Boss Babes just slaying was very informative and motivating!

Velvet's Edge with Kelly

If you are wanting to learn all about fashion, beauty, and so much more this is the podcast for you. Kelly always has the most interesting guests. So far, guests include Amy, from the Bobby Bone's Show, & Kristin Cavallari. I love hearing background on ones you see so often but you may not know that much about. Plus, if I can learn any fashion or beauty tips from anyone that I love it is Kelly!

Mirror Mirror: Jesse Harbison & Allison Duke

I have mentioned this one before but I truly love this podcast! Jesse and Allison interview women from all walks of life! You will learn beauty routines, philosophies, and the incredible stories and life lessons these women have.

BobbyCast: Bobby Bones

If you love country music or really just appreciate music at all, you will love this podcast. A behind the scenes look at songwriting and the music we all hear daily, but have no clue on how it was thought of or produced. From guests such as David Lee Murphy, Lucie Silvas, Ross Copperman, Aubrie Sellers, and so many more. I love hearing how a song I already love to listen to came about during the writing process and the stories behind them.

Good Company with Jake

If you are a Jake Owen fan than you will love this podcast, but if you just love life, you will love this one too. Jake brings you interviews with people that have meaning in his life, from his mom & dad to his biggest fan. You will get a behind the scenes look at what makes Jake, Jake!


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