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Jason Aldean is Just "Gettin' Warmed Up"

Jason Aldean's latest release from his album, Rearview Town, is the perfect song to get the weekend started.

"Gettin' Warmed Up" is a combination of country, rock, and even a little rap. Aldean throws it back to his music style in "Dirt Road Anthem" that was a huge hit in 2011.

Get it warmed up and get it started

Everybody in here came to party

You need a good time, well I brought it

Hands up in the air if you want it

The speakers are here and they're turned up

Cups filling and mixed with some good stuff

Who's setting it off, you know that's us

Y'all ready know we're getting' revved up

You can listen to "Gettin' Warmed Up" here, along with concert footage and a behind the scenes look at the creation of the song.


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