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DRA Exclusive: Jada Vance Interview

This week's In the Spotlight artist is Jada Vance. We recently had the opportunity to interview Jada and learn a little more about the country music artist she has become since her days on American Idol.

DRA: Many will recognize you from your time on American Idol, which you were only 16 during filming. When did you know music would be your passion and career?

JV: I always loved music but when it finally hit me that I could do this for a living was while I was on American Idol.

DRA: What experiences, from American Idol, have you been able to apply to your career?

JV: The right song choice and how important that connection to the song and your audience is.

DRA: Your single, “Hick N Roll”, is a tale of a girl being a little bit country with some big-city soul. Would you say this describes your personality?

JV: Yes, I find it funny because my mom is from southern WV and that's where I get the country and my dad is from Philadelphia, PA so I also get some of that big city too. Which is a great thing because I can have the best of both worlds.

DRA: What artists have influenced you artistically?

JV: Of course, the traditional country artist like, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, but the newer artist like Miranda Lambert, and some of the American Idol alumni, Carrie Underwood, Lauren Alaina, Kelly Pickler. And the writing and vocals of Maren Morris are incredible. But I have been compared to Dolly's personality and Tanya Tucker sound and style.

DRA: This past January you released, “There’s Always Me”. This song seems to be the complete opposite tone of “Hick N Roll”. What was the thought process when selecting this song to be the next to be released?

JV: Something up beat at first that kind of told about the fun side of myself. Then "There's Always Me" is such a heartfelt emotional song that I can totally relate to and I am sure a lot of other people can as well. That's one thing I was advised, to stay on the same kind of path so I don't confuse my audience. I want to relate to everyone. I don't want to be fake. We all ...every one of us...have good times and not so good times. I want people to know I can relate to them all.

DRA: Up to this point in your career, what has been that pinch-me moment where you can’t believe this is what you get to do for a living?

JV: When I won the Taste of Country, USA singing competition with a song I co-wrote.

DRA: Fans may not be aware, but you are an advocate for MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus). What led you to devoting time and promoting awareness to MRSA?

JV: I had a friend I played softball with, her little sister, Kristen Hunter, got sick. They thought it was a virus, within a few days she was gone. MRSA had gone into her lungs. A life taken way to soon. I was asked to speak and sing at a few of her events and on Fox17.

DRA: You began 2018 with new music, what else can fans expect from Jada Vance in 2018?

JV: My new EP! It has 6 songs. I am a co-writer on most of the songs. They have a little flavor to them. The musicians, engineer, and the back ground vocals are incredible. It was so much fun making it. I can not wait for you all to hear it. Also, we are actively booking for the radio tour.

We would like to thank Jada for taking the time to interview with us. To keep up with the latest music and tour dates from Jada, visit jadavance.com.


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