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Dierks Bentley Connects with Fan on Mountain Line

Remember a few days ago when Dierks Bentley posted his mountain line number on Twitter?

Most assumed this was Dierks just being funny. However, seems as though the number is legit. Well, kind of. Fans who dialed the mountain line may not have actually spoke to Dierks, but he did call a few back. Sadly, most did not answer the unknown, mountain line, face time call.

However, there was one smart, lucky girl named Elaine that answered the call! Elaine was surprised with the face time call from Dierks. Elaine was able to speak to Dierks, get a sneak peak of the band rehearsing, and get a little tour of the place with a look at some of Dierks personal photos. This video will definitely make you smile and have you rethinking rejecting an unknown number when they call.


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