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Dierks Bentley Names New Single

Debut Wednesday woman, amen

We recently learned Dierks Bentley will be releasing his ninth album, The Mountain, this year.

Today, Bentley announced his new single from the upcoming album will be "Woman, Amen". The song is an up-tempo, tribute to his wife, Cassidy Black, and the way her love saved him.

Below is the Instagram post Bentley posted referencing the new single, "Woman, Amen".

In an interview with Billboard, Bentley spoke about the song and his wife as the inspiration. “She’s been around me too long. I’ve come back from so many writing appointments over the past 12 years like ‘I wrote this song about you’ and she’s like, ‘Just because it’s a love song doesn’t mean it’s about me.’ She can see through things,” the country star says, laughing, while seated on a couch at West Hollywood’s Sunset Marquis. However with convincing sincerity, Bentley says the uplifting tune “really was one of my more personal songs about her and about the way I feel…a song that talks about how I’d be lost without [Cassidy].”

You can listen to "Woman, Amen" in its entirety here.



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