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Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, & Ed Sheeran Being Sued Over Song Similarities

On Wednesday, a complaint was made in New York Federal court by Sean Carey and Beau Golden, in regards to Tim and Faith's song, "The Rest Of Our Life". They are claiming that the song is a "Blatant Copy" of their own song, "When I Found You".

"It very well may have been an agent of Sony Music Entertainment who provided the other defendants herein with access to the Song," states the complaint.

According to the lawsuit, Carey and Golden have record deals with major labels and music direction positions with Netflix. "When I Found You" was released on ABC Records by co-writer and recording artist Jasmine Rae and was a hit in Australia.

Carey and Golden are seeking injunctive relief and at least $5 million in actual damages. Plus profits, a running royalty, and an award of attorney's fees and costs.

Take a listen to both songs and see what you think of the similarities.

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