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Dierks Bentley Announces New Album

If you have been watching Dierks Bentley's Instagram account, you know for the past week he has been posting videos of him walking around in a wooded, mountainous area.

We all knew this had special meaning, but was not sure what all it would entail. Today, Dierks announced that his ninth studio album will be named, The Mountain, and is set to be released early this year.

With the new album, Bentley realized he needed new inspiration to create an album that was different than the last. He found this inspiration while at Telluride, a bluegrass festival. Bentley, and his co-writers, headed to the mountains as an alternative to writing in Nashville to create this new album.

The Mountain is available for pre-order now at dierks.com. With the pre-order, Dierks is giving you the key to the mountain. This will unlock exclusive album content.


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