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boom. Is the Album We All Needed and Didn't Know

Are you looking for a creative, unique sound, and lyrics that flow together like nothing you've ever heard? Walker Hayes is the answer for you. His new album. boom., is exactly what we needed and didn't know.

Walker introduced us to his sound with You Broke Up With Me and instantly became one of my favorite songs. The unique sound and lyrics make it the hit that it is.

This whole album is full of well written, creative songs that you will want to listen to over and over.

I always let you know my favorites off of a new album and with this one it is truly hard to pick just a few because I love them all!

I have already listened to this album 4 times and still can't get enough.

My absolute favorite song on this album is, Halloween. This song is the perfect song of someone finding themselves and someone to love them for exactly who they are. I think it is safe to say we have all been in this position before, where we dress up to whomever we need to be to fit in and make ourselves that person they want. But Walker in this song brings that to light and states that everyday is Halloween but when you find that person who you can be yourself around, Halloween has finally ended, RIP Halloween!

Beckett is the sweetest song and if you have kids or don't I think you can appreciate this one. A fun, loving song of looking at life through a child's eye. The sweet innocence that they see and the love for the small things that they have bring so much joy. If we all lived like Beckett wouldn't the world be such a better place?

Now, if you want a song to make you cry and smile today, Craig is the song for you. Meeting that person who can make a huge difference in your life even when they don't have to. This song takes you through a journey of meeting Craig and how he helped when they were at their lowest and provided exactly what they needed, even when he didn't have to. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster with this song. This proves again the great writer that Walker is.

I could go on and on with each song but I think you need to listen to this whole album and pick your favorites. I guarantee you will! Even if you don't think this is "country", take time to appreciate the genius writing skills of this album.

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