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2017 Featured Companies

This year we featured two companies ran by strong females. Both companies exemplified ultimate girl power and the character that Dirt Road Anthems lives by. If you missed these features, here is a look at MICALE | LYNN and Old Smokeys Boots.

Old Smokeys Boots is a Nashville based company ran by Christina Ballard. Christina takes vintage boots that have lost their appeal and transforms them into a pair of badass boots that any girl would love to have.

"OSB blends the rock and roll world with the wild west in a fresh and funky way." Each pair of boots that you see on their site is hand-crafted personally by Christina. Her work is simply outstanding.

We have created a few looks that feature Old Smokeys Boots products.

Loving these boots as much as we do? Check out the Old Smokeys Boots website here. Also, be sure to follow them on Instagram for updates on new releases.

MICALE | LYNN is an Oklahoma based business ran by Aubrey Montgomery. The 90s scrunchie trend is back and the only place we get our scrunchies from is MICALE | LYNN. What began as a hobby and gifts for friends has expanded into this incredible company with the highest quality of product.

From every day and sporty to classy and chic, MICALE | LYNN has a scrunchie style for any occasion. Here are few outfit inspirations featuring their scrunchies.

To see the entire collection, visit micalelynn.com. You can also follow MICALE | LYNN on Instagram for new product and sales.

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