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Album Review: Danielle Bradbery I Don't Believe We've Met

America fell in love with Danielle Bradbery the moment she stepped on stage for her blind audition for NBC's The Voice.

Today they fell in love again. However, this time it was a bit different. Instead of falling in love with cover songs from The Voice or songs that were released early in her career, fans are falling in love with Danielle Bradbery the artist, the songwriter, the adult that is finally able to share who she really is.

The release of I Don't Believe We've Met is an album of love, loss, and moving forward in life. The songs are real and heart felt. Something refreshing for Danielle Bradbery.

The album provides various sounds, musical influences and different emotions throughout.

"Potential" and "Human Diary" are both songs about losing love. "Potential" tells the story of falling out of love with the person, but still loving the idea of what they could be. While "Human Diary" reflects on losing someone and everything you shared.

"Worth It" is a soulful song that all women need to hear. The song is about knowing your self-worth and not letting a man take that for granted. Bradbery sings:

Don't tell me I'm too hard to please That you're worn down from fighting for me A real man knows what he's signing up for And if you don't then I'll show myself the door Danielle didn't shy away from discussing relationships in I Don't Believe We've Met. Songs like "Messy" and "What are We Doing" speak about relationships that are not going as well as they should and are at the point of either resolving the issue or going their separate ways.

Perhaps one of the more moving songs of the album is "Laying Low". This song perfectly reflects the emotions and thoughts most of us girls have felt at one time or another. Sometimes we need to just push pause and take a minute for ourselves.

Tonight I'm laying low I'm laying low In a world that moves so fast We can either take it slow Don't wanna look in the mirror Wonder where did she go So I'm taking my time Tonight I'm laying low

Each of the ten tracks on this album tells such an incredible story. If there is one album you should listen to, it is I Don't Believe We've Met.

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