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Dirt Road Anthems Thanksgiving Drinking Game

Thanksgiving is almost here and you need to prepare now for everything family dinners entail.

The looming questions of when you are planning on getting married, are you ever going to have kids, are you going to get a real job like your cousin Sue? These are just a few of the typical family questions we get drilled with during the holidays.

To help make those looming questions more bearable we have created this Thanksgiving Drinking Game to help you navigate your way around family time and come out ahead and not defeated.

So sit back with your bottle of wine and enjoy your family this holiday with the help from Dirt Road Anthems' 1st Annual Drinking Game!

The rules are pretty simple, easy to remember, and guaranteed to give you a great buzz.

Rule 1: Take a drink anytime someone asks you if you are getting married anytime soon. This includes if you are engaged, but not married. Those pesky "when is the wedding" questions fall into this rule.

Rule 2: Your baby clock is ticking, are you ever going to have kids? Yep, take a drink when you hear this annoying question because it isn't like we already don't know that Aunt Peggy.

Rule 3: Every time someone asks you if you have found a real job yet and compares you or brings up a "more successful" relative. Take a drink and no explanation is needed. This is the dreaded question.

Rule 4: Nothing like a family member trying to set you up on a blind date or any date for that matter. So, any mention of their best friends, sister's husband's son, would be real nice for you, take a drink. Well, take two for this one!

Rule 5: When you get stuck sitting at the kids table instead of the "grown-up" table, take a drink.

Rule 6: Have that relative that likes to walk down memory lane all the time but ends up telling you the same stories over and over again each year....take a drink and take a double drink if they start telling you the same story twice in the same day.

Rule 7: Awkward family hugs. Now, don't get me wrong hugging isn't bad but do you really have to hug your Great Aunt's third husband you just met? So awkward. Hugs equal a drink!

Now, by this time you should have a pretty decent buzz going on and will enjoy your family that much more!

But also, just remember be thankful for all the crazy that your family may be because they are your family and we truly do love them!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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