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DRA Exclusive: The Swon Brothers Interview

We were lucky enough to interview this week's Artist of the Week, The Swon Brothers.

From performing in nursing homes, to headlining their own tour, The Swon Brothers have come a long way. We were able to get insight on how their lives have changed and what is in store for 2018.

DRA: For many, The Swon Brothers began when you auditioned for The Voice. For those that may not know, can you give us a little insight on how you went from a couple brothers growing up in Oklahoma to The Swon Brothers that the fans love today?

TSB: The Voice introduced us to millions of fans around the world and we thank God for that every day. We used to play anywhere people would listen; coffee shops, nursing homes, weddings. You name it, we played it. The only difference now is we have a bigger crew and bigger audiences, which we are super grateful for. - Colton

DRA: Let’s discuss your latest EP, Pretty Cool Scars. It is evident your sound has evolved over the past few years. What was the thought process going into making this EP?

TSB: Our sound is always evolving and we are hopefully growing as artists in the eyes of our fans. We just record and write what's on our hearts and what we think our fans are asking from us. - Zach

DRA: Colton, on “Don’t Call Me” you take the lead vocals for the first time on a recorded track. How was that decision made and do you see more lead vocals for you in the future?

TSB: This was a game time decision. Our producer Brad Hill made the final call. Now hitting almost 2 million streams he was obviously right. We gave our audience a side they hadn't heard before and always want to show our fans every aspect of our music we can give them. - Colton

DRA: You may not be aware, but we are also fellow Okies and have been Swon Brothers fans for quite some time. Before your time on NBC’s The Voice we watched you perform at this tiny venue in Miami, Oklahoma (The Trailer Park). Looking back, how does those times compare to the Amphitheaters and other large venues you have experienced while on tour with Miranda and Carrie?

TSB: We wouldn't trade those shows for anything. Playing for tips and barely paying rent turned into a real job and that couldn't have happened without our Oklahoma roots. - Zach

DRA: Since the beginning of your career, what achievement are you most proud of?

TSB: We could say playing the Opry, touring with major artists, or now headlining our very own tour, but nothing compares to the fact we still are best friends. It would be easy as brothers to fight and let the business side of things come between us and we refuse to let that ever happen. - Colton

DRA: We love the throwback references in “Dwight Trashed”. Do either you have a specific 90s country music artist that has influenced you and your music?

TSB: So many artist have influenced us, especially the 90s country music scene. To name a few Diamond Rio, Ricochet, Garth Brooks, the list goes on and on. - Zach

DRA: Having been in the industry for a while now, what piece of advice would you give those two brothers as they auditioned for The Voice?

TSB: Go with your heart. Go where there's passion. Treat everyone the same. In the end, the way you love and respect people will be remembered more than your music. - Colton

DRA: Since 2016, you have released two EPs, Timeless and Pretty Cool Scars. With the constant demand for new music, do you feel the EP route is the way to go instead of a full album?

TSB: We've learned to never make rules when it comes to music. Keep your fans engaged and be open. Releasing music is easier now than it has ever been for any artist, new, or mega stars. Use the outlets according to what your fans are telling you. - Zach

DRA: With each of you now having significant others in your life, has that changed the inspiration behind your music or your touring lifestyle?

TSB: You have more of a reason to get back home more than ever, but it's a blessing to have the support and understanding of someone else living a touring lifestyle. - Colton

DRA: 2017 has been a busy year with a new EP and tour, what should fans expect in 2018?

TSB: It's no secret we are working on new music. The secret is what it will sound like and when fans can get it. 2018 for sure has some sides of us musically we haven't shown the world. GET READY!

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