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DRA Exclusive: Nikita Karmen Interview

This week we are featuring Nikita Karmen as our In the Spotlight artist.

Nikita is most definitely one to watch. Her song writing ability is remarkable. Then pair that with her authentic sound and you have one very talented artist.

We were fortunate enough to speak with Nikita and learn more about her and her music.

DRA: As a new female country artist, some may not have heard of Nikita Karmen just yet. How would you describe your music?

NK: I describe my sound as 'folky pop' I love my music to have pop elements but to still sound organic and honest, like country music should.

DRA: Your first single, “Out of the Park” is one so many of us girls can relate to in our search for love. How did this song come about?

NK: I wrote Out of the Park for my sister who seemed to be going on bad date after bad date as a sort of positive omen. Like hey! someone is gonna turn your luck around and someone did.

DRA: Earlier this year, you were named one of Rolling Stone’s 10 New Country Artists You Need to Know. How did it feel to see your name in such a publication as Rolling Stone?

NK: To see my name in Rolling Stone was extremely exciting, especially as this is a publication that is well known even back home so all my friends from Sydney were posting about it. It feels great to be recognized in such a respected publication.

DRA: We love the concept behind your song, “Curfew”. What was the inspiration behind the song?

NK: This song was about a guy I was dating who was just really apprehensive about being in it 100% and the frustration that comes a long with that, especially when you feel like you have just dived in head first and you want the other person to be on the same page you're on.

DRA: As a songwriter, who would you most like to collaborate with?

NK: I have so many songwriters that I fan-girl over. Lori McKenna is probably one that I would just love to be in a room with. She makes the simplest stories and concepts just BREAK YOUR HEART.

DRA: After a whirlwind of moving to Nashville and beginning a new career, we can only imagine the experiences you have already taken part in. To date, what is the top moment in your career?

NK: Probably signing my publishing deal. Since I can remember I have wanted to write songs for a living and that was just a really exciting moment for me, seeing that dream finally manifest into reality.

DRA: Your self-titled EP features five new songs. If a new listener asked you give them one song from the EP, which would you pick and why?

NK: I would pick First. Not only is it my favorite song on the EP but I feel like it also represents the sound that I'm really going for and am using moving forward.

DRA: As a new artist in country music, what is one bucket list item you want to achieve as a singer/songwriter?

NK: I think putting a debut album out. Creating my dream project that is exactly what I want it to be, sonically and lyrically and sending that off into the world.

DRA: We must say, the lyrics in your song, “First” are probably our favorite. You were able to take an existing song topic, add these clever lyrics and create a fresh song that really stands out. What is your process for songwriting?

NK: I usually start with a title or a concept. I literally have hundreds typed up in a note on my Mac and usually I bring something in to a co write and we just feel it out until it feels right. I always want it to be based on a real experience.

DRA: Perhaps the most important question of this entire interview, what’s next for Nikita Karmen?

NK: I have been spending the last 6 months writing almost every day and really dialing in my sound so I'd say what's next for me is getting into the studio, cutting songs and hopefully releasing music :)

We would like to thank Nikita for taking the time to speak with us. You can keep up with Nikita on social media.

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