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The Wait for New Granger Smith Music is Over

The wait is over for Granger Smith fans. His album, When the Good Guys Win, is finally here.

After listening to the album in its entirety, I must say there is not a bad song on it. It is evident throughout the album that Smith has a good grasp on life and is knows how to write a good song for all types of life events.

Every song on this album will give you something to think about and in Granger Smith fashion, it is in a unique way.

The fourteen-track album covers everything from love, life, remembering where you came from and what you want to accomplish. Granger is able to create an album that takes traditional country and puts a fresh spin on it to create the perfect balance.

"Love Ain't Blind" is tribute to the woman in your life type of song. Smith takes the old saying "love is blind" and declares how this is not true, that he sees love every day in her.

One that really will make you think, yet the title would never insinuate it was a deep song is "Home Cooked Meal". There is a line in the song that states, "It's a fast food world, dying for a home cooked meal." Is that not some deep thinking? I love everything this songs stands for.

"Stutter" is a fun song that details being completely enamored my a person you can't even speak. As soon as I heard this song it reminded me of George Strait's "The Chair".

“You’re in It” is a sentimental song letting his girl know that in every moment, she is a part of it. She is what makes the moment.

The title track "When the Good Guys Win" is a feel good song celebrating those good guys of the world. In a world of singing about bad boys, this one is refreshing.

Also, on the album is a song featuring none other than Earl Dibbles Jr. When I saw this I was anticipating some silly song that would just make you laugh. I was wrong. This song had my toe tapping and head nodding within seconds of it starting. I really enjoyed this more upbeat, country rock sound.

When the Good Guys Win Track List

1. "Gimme Something"

2. "You're In It"

3. "Raise Up Your Glass"

4. "Happens Like That"

5. "Still Holds Up"

6. "When the Good Guys Win"

7. "Everybody Lives"

8. "Stutter"

9. "Never Too Old"

10. "Love Ain't Blind"

11. "4 Wheel Drive"

12. "Reppin' My Boots"

13. "Don't Tread on Me" (feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.)

14. "Home Cooked Meal"

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