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With New Music From Alan Jackson, How Could This Day Get Any Better?

What a day for country music! With so much great music that came out today it is hard to pick a favorite. However, when Alan Jackson gives us a new song, we automatically get a feeling of nostalgia. Alan has never failed us in the past and he didn't this time either.

Alan Jackson is reflective on getting older in "The Older I Get". While initially, I thought this would be a song about not wanting to get older, I was pleasantly surprised by the positive message of the song. Jackson explains he is content with getting older. A few phrases that stood out were:

"The older I get / the more I know"

"If they found a fountain of youth I wouldn't drink a drop and that's the truth"

"Funny how it feels / I'm just getting to my best years yet."

"The Older I Get" will make you stop and appreciate getting older.

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