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KFC May Have Just Won the Social Media Game

When I think of social media, I am not going to lie...KFC is not the first company that comes to mind. Now if we are talking delicious fried chicken, then yes, KFC all the way.

However, KFC may have just made the most genius social media marketing move ever.

On Thursday, a Twitter user, @edgette22, noticed that the official KFC twitter account only follows eleven people. Seems odd for a major company, right?

Well here is the twist. Who made the cut of the eleven accounts privileged enough to be followed by the colonel? The five former members of the Spice Girls and six men named Herb! I see what you are doing there KFC! The famous KFC recipe calls for eleven herbs and spices. This is marketing gold!

Whoever was the genius behind this marketing idea, you deserve a raise, and a promotion, and an award!


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