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Caryn Lee Carter Releases Debut EP

As we told you yesterday, Caryn Lee Carter, released her self-titled EP on Friday. The EP features five tracks, including the first single, "White Trash Without the Trailer".

We recently asked Carter about the new single and the inspiration behind it. "I think we all know somebody (or have been that person) who gets a little too big for their britches now and again." explains Carter. "'White Trash Without the Trailer' is just a comical way of calling people out for thinking they're better than others."

"White Trash Without the Trailer" is the perfect example of Carter's comical side. Too often artists try to release only the serious songs. But there are days when you want to let loose, have a little fun, and tell people how it is. This is the song for that.

The upbeat tempo and the spot-on lyrics make this one of my favorites on the EP. Once you reach a certain age, everyone and their momma begin to ask, "Do you have a boyfriend?", "When are you getting married?" or "You are getting older, don't you think you should settle down?". Who says us girls need a man in our life to make us happy? Carter explained it best, "It's such an anthem for us girls in the age of dating apps and quick little flicker-then-burn-out flings. Sometimes we're our own best company, and this song definitely celebrates the idea that you don't need to be in a relationship to be happy".

Caryn Lee Carter performs the love song "Feels Like Flyin'" effortlessly on the EP. The song of how a person can go from really liking someone to feeling as though they need them in their life is brought to life in this song. Carter sings, "Being lost in you / makes it feel like I've been found" and "How did you go from something that I want / to everything I need". This song allows Carter to showcase just how talented of a singer she really is.

"Make a Mess of Me" is about the realest love song I have heard in quite some time. Love isn't always beautiful. Love doesn't always make sense. Heck, the person we fall for could be the complete opposite of ourselves. But that is the ironic part. Love doesn't care about any of that. When two people share that connection, that is all that matters. In this song Carter's lyrics explain this scenario perfectly, "Come right in and make a mess of me / Maybe that's how love is supposed to be / I shouldn't be right for you / Maybe you are all wrong for me."

Carter belts out the chorus on this song and it grabs your attention immediately. The girl can sing! The song explains a situation we can all relate to. You know the story. You are in a relationship and after it ends you THEN realize you loved them. But by then it is a little too late. This is exactly what "Didn't Know it was Love" is about. The one lyric in this song that stands on its own and explains the song perfectly is, "Didn't want you / until you didn't want me".

After listening to the entire EP, it reminds me of the strong, female country artists during the 90s. That was an era when female artists were the norm on the radio. It is refreshing to find a new country artist who appreciates that era of country music and honors it while still being true to themselves and their music.

If you haven't purchased the EP, Caryn Lee Carter, you can find it here.

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