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Cowboy Hats. Yay or Nay?

The cowboy hat used to be standard uniform in country music. Nowadays it is seen less and less.

However there are still those artist that rock the cowboy hat nearly all the time. My question is "Do you prefer your country music artist with or without the cowboy had?"

In this first edition of Cowboy Hats. Yay or Nay, we take a look at five big time country music artist and evaluate their cowboy hats.

It is very rare that Brad is seen without his cowboy hat. Perhaps the only times we don't see him in a hat are fancy award shows or chill moments at home not working.

Trina: If you are like me, when I think Brad Paisley, I think hat. Therefore I am voting yes to a cowboy hat for Mr. Paisley.

Amy: Brad Paisley = Cowboy Hat, when I think of Brad I instantly think hat. I have to vote Yes for the cowboy hat on this one!

Trina: This one I have had to really think about this one. I vote cowboy hat. While Jon looks great either way, I think the country music fan in me relates Jon with a cowboy hat. Cowboy hat Jon just says lets get to work and play some epic country music tunes.

Amy: Now, don't get me wrong, I love Jon Pardi hat or no hat. But I am going to go no Hat on this one. Maybe it is the extra large margarita in the picture that is making me choose this option but I like the no hat look!

Trina: No brainer...Jason Aldean is a cowboy hat type of guy. Without it I think he loses that country, rock star look he is known for. Instead he looks like a youth baseball coach or someone you would pass in the grocery store. The hat is a must for Jason.

Amy: Jason is more of a Yes to the cowboy hat guy for me. I feel like he just isn't the same person without his hat. Now he can wear any kind of hat and I would vote yes as long as he has the hat!

Trina: Can you even critique THE GOAT? Probably not. So I will just say, Garth do whatever you want. Cowboy hat, baseball cap, no hat at all...you are good any way you choose!

Amy: I have to agree with Trina on this one, Garth just do you and all will be right in the world!

Trina: I couldn't leave out the ladies. Kacey Musgraves rocks the cowboy hat in this picture. She is simply gorgeous no matter what she is wearing. I vote both for Kacey!

Amy: This is a tough one for me, I love Kacey and her style. I have to say no hat though. I love all her hats and ensembles but I am liking the no hat look the best! Maybe it is because I have hair envy over her long dark hair!

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