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LANco: The Lives We Lead

If you are a LANco fan already than what I am about to say you already know. But if you are slow to join this band for their journey you need to start now.

What I really love about LANco is the drive they have to make their music relate to their fans on so many levels. I have watched multiple YouTube videos and read interviews and it always seems the common denominator is they want their music to relate to people’s lives.

I truly think they have already did that with their first EP and I cannot wait to see what their full album will entail.

I have yet to see LANco perform live, it is on my to do list, but what I can tell from watching so many videos is their level of energy is insane. They bring it all out for their fans on that stage every time they perform. I don't think I can even describe it completely until I see it for myself live.

I am not just saying this because I love their music and am already a fan, but this is a group that is only going to get better. They are already fantastic, so can you even imagine how awesome this new album will be.

Watch this video that LANco shared that shows a little insight on them as a band and gives you a little sneak peak of them performing live. It will make you want to find a concert soon to go to, it did me!

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