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Carly Pearce Is Telling Us To Hide The Wine, But Why?

New music Friday is in full swing and Carly Pearce is giving us another song from her album, Every Little Thing, that’s set to release October 13.

“Hide the Wine” is a song Carly knew she wanted to record the second she heard it. However, obtaining the song turned out to be a challenge.

Watch as Carly explains the backstory of “Hide the Wine”.

We all know Carly is a wine girl. So, why is she wanting to hide it? “Hide the Wine” describes an old flame coming back into one’s life. That one where you know it’s a bad idea to get back together but it always seems to happen. This is where hiding the wine comes into play. Carly sings:

Better hide the wine

And get it gone

Oh I better hide every one of them records that turn me on (lock 'um up, lock 'um up)

Turn up the lights

And kill the mood

Oh 'cause baby I just don't trust myself with you

I better hide the wine

Hide the Wine” is definitely a song that you will have on repeat today.


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