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Music is always good to help you get through some of life’s greatest challenges, but it is also good to help celebrate life’s biggest moments.

One thing is for sure though, we usually all have a song that ties to something special or an emotional memory for us.

Miranda Lambert isn't short on songs that can help us getting over a cheating ex, a cheating fiancé, or just love gone wrong. But she also has songs to help us remember special days, special places, or even lost loved ones.

Here are our top Miranda songs for all our crazy emotions.

The perfect "Love Song" for that unspoken connection where you know how to handle your partner's moods perfectly.

Found out your fiancé has been cheating on you, but then again you have been too… "White Liar" is the perfect song to get you through that sticky situation.

Need a song for a wedding or just a great song about finding your person? Check out, "Oklahoma Sky".

Are you from a small town? If you are, you know that everyone knows everything about you and usually before you find out yourself. Some may say you are always famous in a small town due to gossip. If you are sick of small town gossip or just have to face the facts, check out this song, "Famous in a Small Town".

Feeling the pressures of having to always be prim and proper? Your momma is driving you crazy telling you how to always act. "Mama's Broken Heart" is the song for you.

Having trouble finding friends with similar interests? Maybe you have found one and need to let them know what kind of a person you are? Well, "We Should Be Friends", will help that friendship know if you are going to make it or not!

Do you have great childhood memories of your home growing up? Do you wish you could go back there and take in all those memories one last time? In, "House That Build Me", Miranda goes back to her childhood home and soaks in all the great memories she has from there.

Girls' weekend coming up? Like to get into a little trouble with the girls? Do you just have a feeling something bad is about to happen?? You can follow Miranda and Carrie's lead in, "Somethin' Bad", or also Miranda's song, "Fastest Girl in Town".

If you are in an emotional state about life and peoples' take on you, maybe rumors or just a crappy time, "Vice", could be the song for you.

Going through a really bad breakup and tired of your ex's shit. Miranda totally gets that, check out, "Kerosene" and "Baggage Claim".

I really could go on for days with this, I mean Miranda kills it on songs with full emotions and I love them all. But for my last emotion to song, I am leaving you with is "Tin Man". This song is all about heartbreak and going through that loss.

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