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Kellie Picker: "If It Wasn't For A Woman"

Kellie Pickler just released "If It Wasn't For A Woman" and I am currently in tears.

Kellie has made it know her grandmother was a huge part of her life. This song is a tribute to her. As a woman who has also lost grandmothers that played a significant role in my life, this song really moved me.

In the very first verse and into the chorus, Kellie sings:

I close my eyes and she's right there Barbie dolls and teddy bears Picking buttercups from the yard Putting them in mason jars Tea parties and pecan pie Make me think of her every time Yes sir, yes maam It wouldn't be who I am

If it wasn't for a woman Leading me by the hand Helping me understand If it wasn't for a woman Teaching me wrong from right Praying for me at night I'd be half the woman I am If it wasn't for a woman

Recently on I Love Kellie Pickler, Kellie and her husband Kyle are seen recording the song. You can just see how much passion they had for "If It Wasn't For A Woman" and how they wanted it to be perfect.

I do believe they achieved perfection with this one. "If It Wasn't For A Woman" is available to purchase and stream now.

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