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The Big Game Halftime Show

The talk of the music and football world is that Justin Timberlake could be making his second appearance for the halftime show for this year's Super Bowl.

Now, he isn't "country" but really, I think everyone probably has one song of his that they love.

If you are more of a Justin in the *NSYNC days and love some "BYE BYE BYE" or maybe his first days of being on his own, "Cry Me A River", or his newer music, "Suit and Tie", you probably won't be disappointed in this performance if it happens.

One thing that I love during the half time shows is the part where the main performer brings out fellow artists to help make the show even more epic.

The question is if Justin is the half time performer, who will he bring on stage with him?

I have a few that I am pulling for!

My first pick would be Chris Stapleton and if you don't know why watch the video below. After that you will understand!

My second pick, well this is a reach, the whole group of *NSYNC. Really, The Backstreet Boys made a comeback and are everywhere right now. I know *NSYNC won't be reuniting for a tour anytime soon but for one show, I think it would be great! Plus, they did reunite for the MTV Awards not too long ago, so maybe, just maybe it will happen. Fingers Crossed!

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