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Jake Owen is Good Company

Our #4 moment of 2017 was attending the Jake Owen concert this past September. If you have not see Jake live, you need to add this to your to do list for 2018. This concert was one of the best we have seen. (Originally posted September 2, 2017)

Our Artist of the Week with Jake Owen is coming to a close and we are finishing it out with a bang.

I have wanted to see Jake Owen live for quite some time and I finally had the chance last night.

Really, I am having a hard time putting this experience into words. I honestly don't think there are enough adjectives to explain the level of greatness this concert was. From the moment Jake took the stage you can truly tell how much he loves what he does. He has a genuine smile on his face the entire time and pays attention to the crowd like I have never seen another artist do before. There is no denying that Jake loves his job.

First off, Jake is a true performer and puts on one hell of a show. He sounds even better live. I know, this is hard to believe.

The energy he has from start to finish never dies and he flows from one song to the next effortlessly. Jake doesn't talk much throughout the show but he is giving you a history of his career the whole time with his songs. He sings everything from "Good Company" all the way to "Yee Haw".

Also, for all those people out there saying that country isn't "country" anymore, you need to hear Jake cover Johnny Cash's, "Ring of Fire". Afterwards you will have no doubts that this man is country music!

Jake's band in itself is impressive. His drummer puts on a show of his own and will keep you dancing right with him from beginning to end. He came out, front and center, danced after the show and met with fans. He was great! On top of that, Jake has a horn section that plays throughout his concert. This really made each song take on a whole new feel. You can tell that Jake has people around him that are just as talented and fun as he is.

Ladies, this little side note here is just for you. We all know Jake is a great looking man from all his pictures, music videos, and the award shows we have seen him on. But listen here, he is even better looking in person. I know you are probably thinking, how is this possible? Well, somehow it is! The moment he took the stage and walked down the stairs he has your attention with his upbeat personality and his smirky grin. He will hold your attention the entire time!

Jake performed the song, "I was Made for You", and I am praying this will be released as a single sometime soon. This song not only tugs at your heartstrings but let's you in on a soft side of Jake.

Is this not the best song? I have re-watched this clip a hundred times already.

Well, after all of this, I have to say, if you have not seen Jake live, do it! He will make you smile, sing along, and dance the entire time!

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