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Kip Moore releases new video for "Blonde"

Kip Moore released a new video for the latest song to come off of the SLOWHEART album.

When I first heard the title of the song, "Blonde", I automatically assumed this would be another one of those typical country songs about a guy chasing after the pretty girl. Boy was I wrong!

Kip nails it with this tell it like it is song. So many in today's age want that instant famous status and will do anything to get there. Integrity and hard work don't seem to exist anymore.

Kip sings:

"I used to love your lips girl They had a down home taste So why'd you go and fill 'em girl Mess up the ones that God gave"


"You can chase the lights You can chase the fame Used to be the captain of the cheer team Now you're just a never coming homecoming queen Don't sell yourself long girl You must be confused You ain't even Blonde girl Or even true to your roots"

Talk about telling it like it is!

Blonde is now available for purchase on iTunes.

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