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If you follow Jake Owen on Instagram, the last few days he has posted videos of helicopter rides, mountains, and his fishing excursion. As I was watching them and looking at all the scenery, the next screen was a shot of him and Peyton Manning. Yes, you read that right! How crazy is that? We all know Peyton enjoys country music and has had cameos on award shows but this is quite the group to hang out with.

Also, Dierks Bentley posted a photo asking if he should warn Peyton of the mama bear and cubs behind him in his picture with his catch of the day.

That made me think, this must be one heck of a fishing crew if they are all together. Well, Jake Owen answered that question with his latest post of a campfire jam session with, Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan, Peyton Manning, and himself.

Plus, can we just take a moment to appreicate Jake's outfit here. The beach never really leaves his style no matter what he is doing and we love that!

I am just going to say, that is one fishing camp I wouldn't mind stumbling upon!

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