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Brett Eldredge Album Review

Today's top moment compared to Christmas day for Amy, here at Dirt Road Anthems. To say she was a little bit excited for this album is quite the understatement. Check out her full review of the album below.

Brett’s newest, self-titled album released today and we are excited about this one. Brett has been promoting this album for awhile now and if you pre-ordered it you were able to hear a few of his newest songs before the full album released.

I am really loving this album. This one, in my opinion, is Brett’s best so far. If you are wanting a true statement of falling in love, having that great love, or even letting the one you love go, this is an album for you.

Brett really brought all the feels on this album. The songs are true and heartfelt. You can tell he took time on this album to really express what he wanted to say. I would have to say that Brett is a true hopeless romantic and this album proves it.

If Brett hasn’t found that great love he is looking for, I hope he does someday because this album shows his heart and his thoughts on love. Some lady will be very lucky for sure to end up with Brett.

The one thing I truly love about music is how everyone can interpret a song differently. What one song may mean to you may mean something completely different to someone else. I love that music can bring out so many emotions.

Here is my breakdown of each song on Brett’s new album, Brett Eldredge.

1. “Love Someone”

“Love Someone” was a song we could hear with the pre-order. It is a catchy, upbeat song about having someone to love, someone you can wake up next too, and someone to share your quirks and feelings with. That one person that will be there forever with you.

2. “Superhero”

I love this song. I was able to see Brett perform this one at Tulsa’s BOK Center in June and instantly fell in love with it. What heartbroken girl who just dealt with a real jackass doesn’t want someone to swoop in and make it all better? I think it is safe to say we all could use a superhero every now and then.

3. “The Long Way”

Ok, this song may be one of my favorites on this album. “The Long Way” gives hope to those still looking for a true, long lasting love. It also gives those that may not truly believe in love a glimpse of what love is all about. In a world revolved around phones and technology, who wouldn’t want someone to get to know them at a deeper level than texts and social media? Ladies, this is song gives you a base plan of the man you need to look for and fellas take a listen and learn from this song!

4. “The Reason”

Can we say AMEN to this song? Really, have we not all been there? One too many drinks and we are calling the one we had or the one we want. Those moments where we don’t use our best judgment comes from the times we are in a funk in our life and we call the one we feel like is always going to be there even if they aren’t the best for us.

5. “Somethin’ I’m Good At”

This fun-loving song was released as the first single. This upbeat song instantly puts a smile on your face. How can we not all relate to this song a little bit? We all try to do everything we can. Even though we aren’t always good at everything, as long as you are living life to the best of your ability while having fun, isn’t that worth enough?

6. “Haven’t Met You”

Where to start with this song? I have so many favorites on this album and this is one of them. This song brings all the emotions of wanting someone to love. It’s what you see for yourself and that lucky person in your future, even without knowing who that person even is yet. How romantic is that? Plus, the moment he meets you, you will already have his heart! Now, come on ladies if that doesn’t make you feel than I don’t know what will!

7. “No Stopping You”

Have you ever loved someone so much but knew you had to let them go? This song is all about having that great love but knowing that it wouldn’t last. Having to let them go, but always hoping they will come back. You want that other person to live their dreams so you let go all while hoping, “they find you in a strangers smile, hope you hear me in the lonely miles”.

8. “Brother”

If you have siblings, this song will be one of your favorites. Brother or sister, you know you are instantly going to have a best friend for life. The bond you share is unique and great. You share memories, special moments, and inside jokes only you all get. This song goes through all the great moments of growing up with that special person and how that bond carries through life.

9. “Heartbreaker”

This song is all about that one person who you have emotions tangled up in but they know how to pull you in and then leave. They shake your world, but you wouldn’t trade it at the time. Sometimes you don’t always use best judgment, but it is the thrill or the want that what brings us in.

10. “Crystal Clear”

I love this positive, ocean themed, vibe song. All about loving one another and making the world a better place. Take a break and enjoy life, even if it is just going somewhere else in your mind. Now can we all just agree, we need an ocean, a margarita, and Brett on a secluded beach somewhere?

11. “Cycles”

No surprise here, another one of my favorites. The cycles we go through with an ex are excruciating. You know if you let them in just a little bit exactly where things will go and the outcome is never forever. This song really is a true statement of that situation. It is a tricky situation, but for some reason that person has a spell over you almost always in those moments and all common-sense leaves

12. “Castaway”

“Castaway”, will bring all those sad emotions of a lost love flowing right back to you. When you fear love or you tend to push a loved one away, this song will explain all you are going through. You may not want to or even mean to push love away and are scared that you will always be a castaway of love, but have hope that maybe one day you will be able to stay grounded to love.

I highly recommend checking this album out. If you aren't currently a Brett Eldredge fan I truly believe you will be after you listen. Job well done on this one Brett, we are hooked!

Visit iTunes down to purchase the new album, Brett Eldredge

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