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Doing It to Country Songs

Being from Oklahoma, knowing Blake Shelton's music is a must. From the luscious locks (that we girls were secretly jealous of) days singing "Ol' Red" to his newest single, "Doing It to Country Songs", we country music lovin' Okies know every word.

Now with that being said, you will also have to understand, I am from northeast Oklahoma and most of our weekend trips were to...drumroll please...Branson, MO (aka The Live Entertainment Capital of the World). Exciting, I know! However, I was fortunate enough to see acts like Neal McCoy and you guessed it, The Oak Ridge Boys. Growing up on "old school" country music, I knew every song they sung. I mean if you have never belted out "Elvira", have you even lived?

So to see Blake and The Oak Ridge Boys were collaborating on this one had me interested instantly. I am happy to say, I am not disappointed. This screams Blake's quirky personality, yet the vocals of all of them together are great. From the spot-on characters, to all the little specialized touches throughout the video, you will want to watch it more than once.

I am happy to report two of my favorite things even get a shout out in the video, the great state of Oklahoma and "Elvira".

This is a must watch video. You should most definitely head to iTunes now and get it!

Nice Job Boys!

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