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Like I Loved You

While Brett Eldredge may be Dirt Road Anthems' Artist of the Week, there is a new Brett in town and his new single will break your heart.

"Like I Loved You" is the story of a breakup that was harder on one person than the other. With the repeating line, "You never loved me like I loved you", you truly feel for the one that loved fully in the relationship. Brett sings about how the ex is handling the breakup so well that it appears they never really loved the other in the first place.

While listening to the song, on constant repeat I might add, I feel the pain of the song. I begin to realize we have all been there at one point. Gave your whole heart to a person, only for them to not appreciate it and ultimately "just want to be friends." At that point, I am like, hell no, we cannot just be friends. I mean, really? Can't that phrase be banned? But I digress...

You can find "Like I Loved You" on Brett's self-titled album, "Brett Young". While you are looking for the single, I highly recommend just getting the entire record, it is that good!

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